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Benifits of Abayam

Varahi’s Abayam ia an integral part of “Sri Maha Sanketha Trust”. We are establishing ourselves all over Tamil Nadu for our people. We resolve to provide solutions to most of your problems. You never need to feel distressed or lonely in your life. Abayam shall lend its helping hand all over the world to lighten up your life.

You can join Abayam as a member and lend your services to everyone known. Abayam shall render its services to the needy and deprived on all criteria’s like Education, Medicine, Marriage, Home for critically diseased patients, orphans, old age etc; Legal issues as well. Help others join us and receive Abayam’s blessings and sow the seeds of prosperity and growth in life.

A main role Abayam shall play is to create a human chain which will re-establish humanity and service in this world. We shall support every Abayam member’s genuine requests or proposals. Following request for each Abayam member shall be considered and taken forward for resolution.

  1. Abayam shall adopt any child without parent or single parent who cannot be provided for.
  2. Poor students whose education is under stake shall be supported for their education and career.
  3. Pro-creating jobs and job opportunities and creating entrepreneurs.
  4. Re-constructing a meliorate person from his nadir condition to ultimate growth that can be achieved by him.
  5. Marriage arrangements for women of poor and needy background.
  6. Free medicines and treatment for casualty and expenses for operations to be.
  7. Long-term solace or life support for people affected by natural calamities.
  8. Legal advisory and details on formalities would be provided by a team of law experts.
  9. Yogasanas,Panchapakshi-sashtra,Varmakalai,Alpha-Meditation,Kundalini-Yoga,Vasi-yoga ,Astrology, Yana-Yoga, Raja-Yoga and other spiritual practices can be taught to the interested and qualified.
  10. We shall support small scale farmers by providing them essential implementation ideas, oraganic seeds and other necessary items for their upliftment.
  11. Free blood donation services.
  12. Business advisory, training and consulting for small scale business men for their financial management and development.
  13. Services to the nation for its growth shall be rendered from time to time when essential.
  14. Temple and Heritage maintenance services shall be rendered.
  15. Over all development of the tribal community.
  16. Rehabilitation for drug addicts and for people who want to change any kind of addictions.
  17. Supporting green revolution and guiding herbal researches to the interested.
  18. Selecting students with higher science quotient, after many assessments, to be trained into scientists through Science research foundations in each district.
  19. Supporting and motivating sports oriented people.
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Sri Varahi Mantharalayam @2020 by Aron Imaginations

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Sri Varahi Manthralayam by Aron Imaginations.