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Our History


Sri Maha Varahi Amba is about 10 feet tall, seated dynamically on the peedam with “Ashtabujam” or eight hands.

Every hand carries a weapon/tool to protect us from the worldly evils. Swamiji used to tell us that the Amavasya thithi( No moon day) is to recall our ancestors and to surrender oneself to the almighty to destruct our karma. The poornima thithi (Full moon day) is to surrender oneself, pledge sincerity and request for her blessing. And importantly the “Panjami-thithi” is Varahi Devi’s auspicious day. Every panjami is a celebration at our temple.


Sri Varahi Amman stepped into the Sowripalayam campus in the most simple yet in a majestic way proving her presence to everyone.

Saktha Sri Varahi Manikanda Swami’s dream and instruction by Devi Varahi to build a mantralayam for her became possible in the year 2004, at a 6.5 Acres of land, at the foothills of “Balamalai”, the abode of Sri Balaji. Since then mother goddess has been feeding, sheltering and caring her children in her own style.

At the mantralaya, Devi Varahi is our mother bee, who wants her children bee to taste and collect the nectar of shraddha and bhakthi, which when dedicated to her, returns back to us in the form of a peaceful, joyful life.

Devotees Worship

Large number of devotees visit the Manthralayam on Fridays and Sundays to offer their prayers to Sri Varahi and get her blessings. They get the blessings of swamiji and listen to the discourses by Sri swamiji in religious practices and Vedic culture, the heritage of our country. He inculcates spiritual values in the minds of the devotees and guides them to a pious, selfless and truthful life that would enable them to overcome the sorrows of mankind.

    People who visit the Manthralayam regularly are trained in the art of living. The purpose and the direction of the journey of ones life are hinted. Superstitions are sidelined. Self confidence and the ability to take decisions at crucial moments with maturity are highlighted.


Sri Varahi temple located in Sowripalayam has abundant spiritual activities throughout the year. All auspicious days are adhered here. On Ammavasai days – Pithru pooja is performed, Pournami days – Sri chakra pooja, Chandi Homam on Ashtami thithi, Sashti, Sangadahara chathurthi, Prathosam are adhered every month. Dasamaha vidhya Homam is performed during Ammavasai and Pournami days. All festivals like Deepavali, Pongal, Navarathiri, New year are celebrated in the temple in sowripalayam.

Om Maha Varahi Sakthi


The Devi has bestowed us with much fecundity that every evening, we conduct Varahi Homam and the next day it is Kumbha-abhishekam for her, meaning every day happens to be a kumbhabishekam here!! The “kumkuma prasada” offered to the devotees has the power of 1.5 crore times “varahi mantra japam”.This is blessed and given to the devotees by swamini Latha Mathaji on amavasya,poornima and panjami days.Other than those special occasions,it remains untouched and lies in the feet of her holiness, Devi varahi.


Every day at the temple, Sri Gomatha (The Cow) and Sri Aswa(The Horse) is worshipped. Go-Pooja denotes the worship of goddess Kamadhenu, who wipes out all negativity and bestows with prosperity, wealth and happiness. Sri Aswa worship bestows us with leadership attributes, power, raja-yogam, and authority. Mostly people aiming for wealth and powerful position practice Aswa-Pooja.

Swamiji’s benevolence and kindness towards every form of life has manifested Sri Varahi anna Seva trust. The trust was established in the year 200s

 The trust ensures that the general public also receives the grace of Sri Varahi amma in the form of food. General public who are unable to provide for themselves due to various valid reasons are provided packed food cooked in healthy environment. Usually more than fifty people benefit from it every day. Also, apart from the habitants of the manthralayam, people who walk in during any time of day are provided with sumptuous food.


Sri Varahi Mantharalayam @2020 by Aron Imaginations

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Sri Varahi Manthralayam by Aron Imaginations.