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How do we respond to life when our plans fail?

Sri Krishna tells us in many ways why we can only live in the moment. The past we have no control of and the future we cannot predict as per plans. Whatever be our plan, there is already a greater picture that has been chalked. The last two years have proven exactly that for us all.

Have we gotten more fluid or more rigid with the fear of the unknown!

These are circumstances that help build character. Fluidity is the foundation of living in the moment. People who are most intuitive are people who cannot plan their lives. The moment a plan is laid out in the mind, water is poured all over in the form of rain.  How and Why!

Being fluid is the only way to enjoy the moment and be one with Ishwara. It is my strength of character that determines my response to the many situations and circumstances. Wealth, companionship, love, desires, security if kept fluid will keep flowing in and out like fresh air. Hold air within a contained space and it will go stale. It is Bhagwan’s way of giving us freshness every moment in the form of rollercoaster ride thrill.

We plan for finitude, while ishwara is opening up the creation for us as the many possibilities and potentials. Then why settle for much less! why settle for stale air instead of freshness! We never know what his greater desires for us are. Therefore our sankalpam is key. If my foundation and intent is clear, karma will align itself for more, never less.

Experiences of adversities or exhilaration, learning from them, and dealing with them effectively will replay in our memories every now and then. Why is it important to learn from the past? Because it has happened already. We can only learn from things after they have occurred in time and space. And this can be done only when we give- into the present desires of ishwara for us.

Iswara’s desires for us must override our desires. Else we will be left with dissecting the past instead of living the moment. When our mantra japaas and Bhagavad Gita through bhakti yoga and jnana yoga bring us from darkness to light, where is the need for doubt! We only need to do what needs to be done!

When exhilaration is felt in iswara arpanam prasaada buddhi which is unmatched by any other stimuli, where is the need to engage in desires anymore as per plan! Enjoy desires in any way within the happenings of the moment.


Do sadhus return back to normal life once they taste rue freedom in the infinite! No! Then why capture and contain anything out of insecurity. Because they have understood that intuition is ishwara in the form of bhakti and that the intellect working on the intuition is ishwara in the form of karma. Intuition needs to be worked upon and exercised through karma. That is when life itself appears as prasaadam in the present form of every moment in manifestation. Therefore no matter how much we try to tow the lines as per plan, something else unravels through the infinite.

It is cosmic consciousness appearing within us as the highest form of cosmic intellect manifested as intuition and our gut feel. Therefore Metaphysics, Sanatana dharma cannot be measured and observed unless witnessed through personal experience, where understanding is almost immediately without having to reason why things happen the way they do. No need to dissect. No need to plan. No need to regret it. No need for guilt.

We are the freedom that we experience. Moksha is right here, right now. Simply program the self to live in the moment! Intuition is a natural instinct, it is not a learned behavioral response by the body-mind. But surely it is the responsibility of our karma from many lifetimes as cause and effect that we allow the intuition to express itself, It grows.

Practice makes perfect.

Karma is the only thing we need to focus on with sankalpam.

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