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ஆலய தரிசனங்களுக்காக பூஜைகள் மட்டும் வழிபாட்டிற்காக ஒரு பக்தன் கடன்வாங்கி செலவழித்தால் அது அவன் வணங்குகின்ற கடவுளையும் கடன்காரனாக மாற்றுவதாகும்.


Kala Bhairava along with other forms of bhairava, stands magnificiently around 8ft tall. He is the most magnificient manifestation of positive energy, Evil annihilation and a strict guru. Amazingly though, Bhairava means “one with fearful form”, our diety here showers us with lotus eyes. Around the main kalabhairava deity other eight forms of bhairavas( Ashta bhairava) representing five elements of nature and other three being sun, moon and atman bestow their grace with nurtural love. He is endowing us with all protection and mercy.


Every ashtami is a celebration for the “rudra roopa”. The astami after the Full-moon and the ashtami after No-moon is auspicious to the deity. He bestows grace upon us on these days and protects us with his magnificience.

REQUIREMENT: Sri Kalabhairava kumbhabhishekam was done recently with the aid of the almighty’s support. Need of the hour is to complete the work of the sannadhi’s doors. Both the garbha griha and the arthamandapa require doors. Other essential materials might be hanging lamps and pooja items.


Lord ayyapan whose temple was the first to be established in the campus and every day the “Annadhana prabhu” has provided food to anyone and everyone who enter the premises. Every year mandala pooja is undertaken as per the tables of Sri sabarimala and bhakthas of guruswami Sri varahi manikanda swamigal undertake sabarimala yathra from the premises every year without fail.

REQUIREMENT: The eighteen step philosophy or principle in life that we climb upon every time before Sri Ayyappa darshan can be placed before the deity for “Padi-Pooja”.



Shri Gnana vinayakar sannidhi at our temple premises is a promising deity as per his name one who bestows us with knowledge.

And Gnana skandhar is one such divinity who cannot be found elsewhere. He is the embodiment of knowledge (Gyana) itself. He promises to be the Guru to have surrender unto him.






Sri Jaya Soolini Durga Devi who walked into the mantralayam first, awaiting Kumbha abhisekam. She breaks all the hindrances and hurdles in your path. She is Jaya soolini durga who bestows you with victory and success in life. Her presence is felt with each victory of her bakthas. Even before kumbhaabhishekam she is showering her grace all over the place and people.




Banalinga, a stone found in nature, in the bed of the Narmada river in Madhya Pradesh state, India, is an iconic symbol of worship, based on either the scriptures or cultural traditions among the Hindus, particularly of the Shaivaites and Smartha Brahmins. Stones are ancient and connote divinity. It is a smooth ellipsoid stone.
A Banalinga is also called the Svayambhu(Sanskrit) “Self-existent mark or sign of God”, as it is discovered in nature and not carved or crafted by human hands.
The forms of Linga can vary in detail from a simple roller shape roughly cylindrical Banalinga to the stone carved with a thousand facets (Sahasralinga) or of light relief in several human figures (Mukhalinga).
The Narmada Shivling are quite strong and the hardness is a 7 on the Mohs scale. It is the considered view of many researchers and geologists that the unique composition of the Narmadha Shivalingas was due to the impregnation of its rocky river-sides and the rocks in the river bed.

Our temple evidently has eight banalingas. Every banalinga is worshipped during pradosha kala and sivarathri of every month. Our banaljngas are awaiting to welcome the huge sahasralinga that is to be erected soon at the premises. People wishing to contribute in making of the linga , kindly gpay.

Raja Rajeswari

sri chakra

Sri Raja Rajeswari is the presiding deity of Sri Chakra. Goddess Sri Raja Rajeswari is one of the powerful forms of goddess Sakthi, the mother Goddess. Rajarajeswari blessess every sentinent and insentinent being with joy of living. She has every power of creating the universe and to destroy it as well. Those who worship her can see her divine and pleasant blessings on them and those who have evilness in their heart and mind can see as a demon who demolishes them.

Sri Raja Rajeswari controls every living beings mind and sensory organs and takes the authority over transcendental knowledge and wisdom. As per spiritual practice, she resides on the top of the chakras, at sahasrara and also at swadhistanam. Those who worship her and perform pooja rites,keep their thoughts,desires,lifestyle and health in control.



Sri Varahi Mantharalayam @2020 by Aron Imaginations

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