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More than 50 students, residing as on undefined 2021, are provided with essential amenities for living, education and their holistic development. Each child admissioned here either carried unresolved emotional baggage from their past or lacked necessary growth structures.


To the best of our abilities, necessary support catering to individual childs’ upliftment is provided. Children being established in a modern gurukulam structure, allowing and meeting the requirements, to pursue their education in the standardized curriculum in accredited schools, therefore aligning to societal expectations and acceptance.


In addition, in the ashram, students are taught necessary Vedic chants to support their holistic well-being. Children present here with varied age groups are pursuing at different education levels from Primary to Post graduation.

Sri Varahi Mantharalayam @2020 by Aron Imaginations

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Sri Maha Varahi Amman Temple
Sami Thottam Sri Bharathi Nagar
Coimbatore - 641020

Opening Hours

Monday - Sunday
6:00am - 10:00pm

Sri Varahi Manthralayam by Aron Imaginations.