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Cows have always played an integral role in human development directly to civilised socities and otherwise too since many centuries. Cows and Bulls having taken up a vital role since millenniums, when humans had taken up to agriculture- a relatively peaceful existence compared to hunters- established a deep bond with humans.Apart from the emotional connection, cows are continuing to provide essential commodities essential for humans physical and spiritual development. Milk, yogurt, ghee, dung and urine are the five commodities called Pancha gavya which are used for consumption and ritualistic pratices.

    Here in the ashram, there were 8 cows residing in the year 2011 afterwhich the numbers have gradually increased to more than 70, as on undefined 2021.

Go Poojai

Performing Go poojai is equivalent to doing the auspicious Kubera poojai.

Feeding a cow with fresh grass; August tree leaves(agathikeerai), and bananas is equal to conducting a Go Pooja.

When providing a single banana fruit can shower you with infinite blessing, think of the good deeds that will be added to your account upon feeding proper fodder and giving utmost care and love.

What else will fetch you more benefits?

  • Feeding Cotton seed milk with jaggery on Amavasy days(No Moon Day) will positively effect your pithru Karma.
  • The effect of the planet that troubles you can be reduced by feeding jaggery pongal on the day of the specific planet.

Those unable to conduct Gopoojai at home can utilise the opportunity at Sri Varahi Mantralayam Everyday noon at 12pm, Go & Aswa poojai is being meticulously done with feeds and aarthi to the cows & Horse.

Those who want to participate or contribute to providing & maintenance of Varahi Mantralaya Goshala or who want to do “Go Dhanam” can contact our office : +91 9244421389 .

Sri Varahi Mantharalayam @2020 by Aron Imaginations

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Sri Maha Varahi Amman Temple
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Monday - Sunday
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Sri Varahi Manthralayam by Aron Imaginations.