Varahi's Mystic Yoga Competition is on 28-July-2019.


"Undisturbed calmness of mind is attained by cultivating friendliness toward the happy, compassion for the unhappy, delight in the virtuous, and indifference toward the wicked."


Varahi Mystic Yoga

    Varahi Mystic Yoga founded by Shaktha Sri Varahi Manikanda Swamigal of Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India. The aim of the center is to promote the overall health of human being.The overall personality of a human being is dealt with the traditional yoga techniques of Pathanjali. Our center is already conducting various yoga programs.

    We are planning to implement, under the guidance of Sri U.Manickam- conferred as YOGA MAGARISHI, Diploma in Yoga, PG Diploma in yoga and MSc in yoga through the local universities.The Yoga Maharishi Manickam who has over 47 years in yoga practice was trained under the Santa Cruz Founders "Sri Yogendra and Dr.Jayadeva Yogendra".

    His association with global stalwart yoga practitioners like Gerhard Unger of Germany and Peter Clott of Switzerland is noteworthy.Yoga Maharishi Manickam has visited a few European countries and Canada to teach yoga with the support of mother "Lea Provo".

Yoga Health Programs

Yoga officiating course

Yoga sports activity

Yoga teacher training program

Yoga Therapy is one of the unique offering at Varahi Mystic Yoga.


    The Coimbatore Varahi Mystic Yoga centre part of Maha sangeeta trust organises Inter State Yoga competitions. This is an ongoing affair which is by far the largest in the State. The event is normally held in July every year. This yoga competition involves practitioners and students across the States.

    The event is categorized under Age Group. The special category in the event is for students who have been practicing for atleast 5 years. Our program is also meant for various handicapped and specially abled people are pricing by higher authorities of the state. This event has over 50 qualified yoga trainers and practitioners as judges . Every participant gets a certificate for participation, and institutions also get recognition for increased participation. This event judges the student among their age groups, across the categories on the below parameters.



Neuro Muscular co-ordination and relaxation