About Swamigal

    Saktha Sri Varahi Manikanta swamigal is the founder of Sri Varahi Manthralayam, Coimbatore, TamilNadu, India on 5th April 1991. He was dumb (speechless) by birth but due to the grace of lord Ayyapa, he began to speak when he visited Sabarimala at the age of 4 and half years. Swamigal was named as K. Manikantan by his parents E.G.Karthikeyan (late) and R.Ambujam. He was born on 14th Nov 1958 on Deepavali. Just before obtaining his commerce degree his father had passed away unexpectedly, afterwhich he took up responsibility of his four sisters and brother.

    With time and experience, he realised the difficulties of mankind and at the age of 30 years he took up Sanyasam from swami Paranjyothi in Koduvilarpatti, Theni, Tamil Nadu.Swamigal further pursued his education later in life by completing M.A.(Tamil), M.A.(English), M.A.(Philosophy), M.Phil.(English), B.Sc.(Psycology), Diploma in Saiva Sidhanta, Diploma in Sidha and now pursuing to graduate in Sanskrit.

    Swamigal had performed Tapas every year in a locked room without food for 8 days upto 80 days. Meditating with only water allowed Swamigal to gather enough spiritual power to retify the problems and worries of the devotees. He had then proved that a human body has the power to absorb the cosmic energy and sustain the energy for ones functioning and more. He is teaching such meditation to his students too.

    Swamigal gives speeches in varied topics about spirituality, unpragmatic religious dogmas, yoga, meditation, utilisation of natural herbs and methods of overcoming the problems and crises of the life. He also gave speeches in schools, colleges and on spiritual platforms of different Ashrams and Mattam in Tamil Nadu and Kerala especially erradicating religious superstitions. He provides solutions in general, also to specific cases and individuals on how to address and conquer the challenges in life.

    Swamigal had and is also providing support to construct temples and pyramids in other ashrams and temples with proper Vasthu-Shastra. Within our ashram, Swamigal is currently constructing 15 different temples with statues being more than 8 feet height. Each temple costing nearly 3 crore Rupees is under construction includes Sri Soolini Durga, Sri Maha Kaali, Sri Kaala Bhairava, Sri Vinayaga, Sri Muruga, Sri Saneeswara, Sri Sahasralingeshwara, Sri Hayagriva, Sri Sapthamuga (7 face) Anjaneya, Sri Prathyangira, Sri Ayyappa and Sri Sarabeshwara temples.

    Swamigal is teaching Panja Patchi sastram created by siddhar Agasthiyar, siddhar Kagapujandar and siddhar Pulipani. To simply state, Panja Patchi sastram is knowing how to optimally utilise time to ones favour making ones life simpler and faster naturally. Apart form Panja Patchi, he is also conducting Raja yoga, Karma yoga, Bhakthi yoga and Gnana yoga classes since 1996. He has 100's of students practising their learnings in their daily life.

    Swamigal makes frequent trips abroad especially to Malaysia and Singapore to give spiritual speeches and solutions to individuals concerns. Swamigal found Sri Varahi Manthralayam for spiritual activities, Sri Maha Sanketha Trust for all NGO services to the needy and Sir Varahi Swamigal Anna Seva Trust giving food and medicine everyday in the ashram.


    Swamiji has undertaken penance for personal training and for the social wellbeing several times. He also wanted to show that all can indulge in penance. To show this swamiji has taken up an eight day penance without food and contact with outside world by shutting himself alone in Ramanathapuram. This was followed by a series of penances like sixteen days, twenty four days, thirty two days, fourty days and fourty eight days. Swamiji usually announced of the above deed in public. The venue where he undertakes penance was locked and sealed that he could not have any contact from outside. People thronged to the site of the penance everyday from morning till night. On the stipulated day when the doors were opened in the presence of devotees. Swamiji emerged waving to the anxious devotees glowing with what he had derived from the penance. Swamiji undertook successfully a twenty one day penance outside manthralyam in the Pyramid at Perks Hr sec School Coimbatore. With the strength of completing 48 days in isolation, deeply meditating, has made him increase the length to sixty four days.

Health and Wellbing

    Swamiji offers Herbal treatment, sidha and naturopathi treatments for the needy. Medicines for various ailments are prepared by swamiji for the treatment. He treks in different mountains in the western ghats in search of different herbs. All the treatments he administers are then with his knowledge in Indian medicine.

Guru's Teaching

    Sri swamiji conducts regular classes on Meditation, Yoga, Veda, Palmistry Astrology. Pancha Pakshi Sasthra, Raja Yoga, Karma Yoga, Bakthiyoga and the art of living. Homams, Pooja methods and pooja agama sasthra is taught by swamiji. The above is done in a guru sishya parambaria.

Devotees Worship

    Large number of devotees visit the Manthralayam on Fridays and Sundays to offer their prayers to Sri Varahi and get her blessings. They get the blessings of swamiji and listen to the discourses by Sri swamiji in religious practices and Vedic culture, the heritage of our country. He inculcates spiritual values in the minds of the devotees and guides them to a pious, selfless and truthful life that would enable them to overcome the sorrows of mankind.

    People who visit the Manthralayam regularly are trained in the art of living. The purpose and the direction of the journey of ones life are hinted. Superstitions are sidelined. Self confidence and the ability to take decisions at crucial moments with maturity are highlighted.

    Sri Varahi temple located in Sowripalayam has abundant spiritual activities throughout the year. All auspicious days are adhered here. On Ammavasai days – Pithru pooja is performed, Pournami days – Sri chakra pooja, Chandi Homam on Ashtami thithi, Sashti, Sangadahara chathurthi, Prathosam are adhered every month. Dasamaha vidhya Homam is performed during Ammavasai and Pournami days. All festivals like Deepavali, Pongal, Navarathiri, New year are celebrated in the temple in sowripalayam.