PanjaPatchi Sasthiram

    Panchapakshi sasthra is a study of time management. The first letter of the names are considered and assigned to a particular bird of the five that make the Pancha pakshi (Meaning five birds). The day is divided into five equal parts, each bird will have its powerful medium, bad and the like fortunes during the five divisions. Based on that, the individual plans his day to day activities and attain success in them.Those who study panchapakshi sasthra will have knowledge of Astrology, palmistry and body language. As of now the three year course is offered by varahi manthralayam in distance education mode-with a syllabus, a goal, some general and specific objectives. So far about one hundred people have studied this course. Talks are on to have a tie-up with a university and to offer the course through correspondence and the university to evaluate and issue certificates.