About Us

Manthralayam Vision

    The vision of manthralayam is to have a better society tomorrow. Manthralayam instills in the minds of devotees that being an instrument for the betterment of the society will be remembered by people. And one who directly works for the above goal would inspire others towards serving the society".

About Manthralayam

    There had been a steep decline in the spiritual and cultural values, especially among the young and the poor. The society was tangled by various vices - as a result, religion had been reduced to a mere ritual. There was an overall degradation in morality. Degradation in all fields was conspicuous and was becoming a way of life. It was at this juncture a mutt named Sri Varahi Manthralayam was established in May 1992 at Ramanathapuram, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu and was shifted to Sowripalayam, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu in the year 1996. Sri Varahi Manthralayam currently has two branches in Coimbatore, one at Sowripalayam and the other near UIT college, Bharathi Nagar.

    Sri Varahi Manthralayam was founded by his holiness Sri Varahi Manikanda swamigal, a great and ardent upasaka of goddess Varahi - one of the Sapthakanyas. A powerful goddess Varahi is the Devasenapathi or the general of the army of goddess RajaRajeswari. Varahi Mathralayam started for the benefit of the poor to overcome the challenges in life through spiritual poojas to goddess Sri Maha Kaligambal and Sri Maha Varahi. The ashram started with a small 10x10 feet sized room growing to 30acres land including Orphanage and Oldage home. Also comprising Goshala (catering the needs of the cattle), even welcoming the old and diseased cows until its funeral.

    The Manthralayam caters to the spiritual, cultural, present social needs, guidance to confused youth and the downtrodden. The manifestation of caste and creed, religious and provincial separations are detested. People from all walks of life visit the Manthralayam to offer their prayers to Sri Varahi amman. Special pooja to Rajarajeswari, Sri Varahi and Sri Annapoorani at all full moon days and new moon days is performed. Also to Varahi amman on Panchami tithi days. On these days, swamiji is adressing the devotees with their life concerns. Swamigal is publishing a monthly magazine named as Sri Varahi Vijayam registered under Indian Newspaper Act since 2000, comprising varied discussion and elaboration includng spirituality, yoga, meditation and utilisation of herbs to cure various diseases.


    Since 1997, a grand yagna called "Maha yaham" is conducted every year in the Tamil month of Adi. So far, Manthralayam has seen twenty four maha yahams to its credit. It is a three day spiritual activity consisting a vahana pooja and vidhya pooja for children and also for people of all ages who aspire to acquire knowledge. On the third day prominent personalities, heads of various mutts, spiritual leaders, Astrologers and the like are invited to render discourses to the people assembled in thousands. An awareness of co-existence, the need of spirituality, loving all creatures, is created in the minds of the devotees gathered to attend the Maha yaha. An interstate yoga competition is being held from the year 2007.

Future Plan

    There is a projected mission in the mind of swamiji. He intends to build a temple for Sri varahi that accommodates all important deities. To felicitate this cause, 14 acres of land has been procured. Swamiji has a plan to start a school for challenged children. The money realized from the subscription is used for the welfare of orphanage and old age home. Hence, swamiji suggests that the devotees can enroll more subscribers so as more money can be used for the above purpose. Swamiji longs to visit various cities to preach brotherhood, human and social values, religious harmony and the value of co-existence of every human being.