About Manthralayam

There had been a steep decline in the spiritual and cultural values among the young and the poor. The society was tangled by various vices - as a result, the religion had been reduced to a mere ritual. There was an overall degradation in morality. Degradation in all fields was conspicuous and was becoming a way of life. It was at this juncture a mutt named Sri Varahi Manthralayam was established in May 1992 at Ramanathapuram, Coimbatore and was shifted to sowripalayam in the year 1996.

Sri Varahi Manthralayam was founded by His Holiness Sri Varahi Manikanda swamigal, a great and ardent upasaka of Goddess varahi - one of the Sapthakanyas. A powerful Goddess varahi is the Devasenapathi or the general of the army of Goddess RajaRajeswari.

The Manthralayam caters to the Spiritual, cultural and social needs of the present, confused youth and the downtrodden. The manifestation of caste and creed, religious and provincial separations are detested, and people from all walks of life visit the Manthralayam to offer their prayers to Sri Varahi amman.


Devotees Worship

Large number of devotees visit the Manthralayam on Tuesdays and Fridays to offer their prayers to Sri Varahi and get her blessings. They get the blessings of swamiji and listen to the discourses by Sri swamiji in religious practices and Vedic culture, the heritage of our country. He inculcates spiritual values in the minds of the devotees and guides them to a pious, selfless and truthful life that would enable them overcome the sorrows of mankind.

People who visit the manthralayam regularly are trained in the art of living. The purpose and the direction of the journey of ones life are hinted. Superstitions are sidelined. Self confidence and the ability to take decisions at crucial moments with maturity are highlighted.

Sri Varahi temple located in Sowripalayam has abundant spiritual activities throughout the year. All auspicious days are adhered here. On Ammavasai days – Pithru pooja is performed, Pournami days – Sri chakra pooja, Chandi Homam on ashtami thithi, sashti, sangadahara chathurthi, prathosam are adhered every month. Dasamaha vidhya Homam is performed during ammavasai and pournami days. All festivals like Deepavali, pongal, Navarathiri, New year are celebrated in the temple in sowripalayam.