Manthralayam construction on going

Donate to Varahi Manthralyam

Vararhi Manthralayam is registered as a Trust in India. Donations to Mahasangetha trust and swamiji Anaseva trust are exempt from Income Tax under section 80G of the Income Tax Act

Projects Involved are:

  • Varahi Manthralayam temple project.
  • Annadhanam at Varahi Manthralayam.
  • Give an opportunity to a Child.

Varahi Manthralayam Temple Project:

Temple project is in progress with enormous effort by various seekers, volunteers and devotees. We seek out funds to complete this powerful Varahi temple.  Varahi amman idol is 12 feet tall, Lord shiva sahasralingam idol is 8 feet , Hyagriva is 8 feet , Sapthamaha anjaneya idol of 9 feet tall, Mahakali, Durga, Ayyappa, Kalabairava and Saneeswara idols are also present in the project.

Contribution options:

 Varahi  idol                                     -           12,000,00/-

Sapthamaga anjeneya idol          -           9, 000, 00/-

One Idol cost (MahaKaali,

Durga, Ayyappa, Kalabairava,

Saneeshwara)                            -           9, 000, 00/-

One Dome for one temple        -           4, 000, 00/-

 One Praharam                            -          2, 50,000/-

18 Pillars each pillar                   -            30000

One square Feet                          -           2000/-

Annadhanam at Varahi Manthralayam.

Annadhanam is offered at Varahi Manthralayam three times a day to all the people present at that time. (Sanyasis, Vastharadhari’s, Upasaga’s, Mutt children, elders, visitors). An opportunity to experience the happiness by sharing on your birthday/anniversary/any other day or occasion of your choice

Contribution options:

One Breakfast or Dinner for all at ashram        - 3000/-

One lunch for all at ashram                                 - 5000/-

Give an opportunity to a child:

Child looking for an opportunity to read, write, learn, perceive and blossom. Contribute for their education and touch them forever.

Contribution options:

Uniform clothes to all children                 - 10000/-

Note Books for all children                        - 10000/-

School Fees for 10 children for a year     - 30000/-