Guru's Teaching

Sri swamiji conducts regular classes on Meditation, Yoga, Veda, Palmistry Astrology. Pancha Pakshi Sasthra, Raja Yoga, Karma Yoga, Bakthiyoga and the art of living. Homams, Pooja methods and pooja agama sasthra is taught by swamiji. The above is done in a guru sishya parambaria.

Health and Wellbeing

Swamiji offers Herbal treatment, sidha and naturopathi treatments for the needy. Medicines for various ailments are prepared by swamiji for the treatment. He treks in different mountains in the western ghats in search of different herbs. All the treatments he administers are then with his knowledge in Indian medicine.

Varahi Tamil Magazine

To be in touch and to spread spirituality among the people, swamiji has founded a spiritual monthly in the name of Varahi vijayam in the year 2002, that has been well subscribed to bring out the book every month till this issue.


Swamiji has undertaken penance for personal training and for the social wellbeing several times. He also wanted to show that all can indulge in penance. To show this swamiji has taken up an eight day penance without food and contact with outside world by shutting himself alone in Ramanathapuram. This was followed by a series of penances like sixteen days, twenty four days, thirty two days, fourty days and fourty eight days. Swamiji usually announced of the above deed in public. The venue where he undertakes penance was locked and sealed that he could not have any contact from outside. People thronged to the site of the penance everyday from morning till night. On the stipulated day when the doors were opened in the presence of devotees. Swamiji emerged waving to the anxious devotees glowing with what he had derived from the penance. Swamiji undertook successfully a twenty one day penance outside manthralyam in the Pyramid at Perks Hr sec School Coimbatore. With the strength of completing 48 days in isolation, deeply meditating, has made him increase the length to sixty four days. But swamiji was not able to accomplish the feet. He came out on the Fifty sixth day, Again he wanted to pursue this act stretched to eighty days but swamiji was not able to accomplish his mission. He had to abandon his thapas and come out on the fourty sixth day.


In the year 2006 swamiji started a movement called "Manithaneya Abayakkarangal" with the aim of mobilizing the strength of willing devotees to render service in the welfare activities taken up by the manthralayam. The abayakkarangal has a set of youth of different blood groups, ready to donate blood to the needy. This is an organization that looks after the educational and medical needs of poor children; running an orphanage and old age home. This unit of the ashram helps perform marriages of poor people. Swamiji has launched a hundi system. Hundies are distributed to the devotees. They are asked to spare a meager amount like one rupee a day and contribute the accumulated amount to the abayakarangal to meet the expense incurred.


Since 1997, a grand yagna called "Maha yaham" is conducted every year in the Tamil month of Adi. So far, Manthralayam has seen fourteen maha yahams to its credit. It is a three day spiritual activity consisting a vahana pooja and vidhya pooja for children and also for people of all ages who aspire to acquire knowledge. On the third day prominent personalities, heads of various mutts, spiritual leaders, Astrologers and the like are invited to render discourses to the people assembled in thousands. An awareness of co-existence, the need of spirituality, loving all creatures, is created in the minds of the devotees gathered to attend the Maha yaha. An interstate yoga competition is being held from the year 2007.

Pancha pakshi

Panchapakshi sasthra is a study of time management. The first letter of the names are considered and assigned to a particular bird of the five that make the Pancha pakshi (Meaning five birds). The day is divided into five equal parts, each bird will have its powerful medium, bad and the like fortunes during the five divisions. Based on that, the individual plans his day to day activities and attain success in them. Those who study panchapakshi sasthra will have knowledge of Astrology, palmistry and body language. As of now the three year course is offered by varahi manthralayam in distance education mode-with a syllabus, a goal, some general and specific objectives. So far about one hundred people have studied this course. Talks are on to have a tie-up with a university and to offer the course through correspondence and the university to evaluate and issue certificates.

Future plan

There is a projected mission in the mind of swamiji. He intends to build a temple for Sri varahi that accommodates all important deities. To felicitate this cause, 14 acres of land has been procured. Swamiji has a plan to start a school for challenged children. The money realized from the subscription is used for the welfare of orphanage and old age home. Hence, swamiji suggests that the devotees can enroll more subscribers so as more money can be used for the above purpose. Swamiji longs to visit various cities to preach brotherhood, human and social values, religious harmony and the value of co-existence of every human being.